Mindfulness for Well-Being Course

Chesterfield | Liz |

The course is well planned and has excellent handouts and a cd to take and use at home to help you develop your practice. The way Leon explains the links between the heart and the mind to work together in mindfulness was an eye opener for me, but also made perfect sense. Leon was patient, open and honest in his teachings and in facilitating the discussions that took place. He was able to keep things moving and keep the teaching fresh over the whole four week period and his compassion and empathy was evident in the way he supported people who became upset by things that had come up for them either during the session or during the week. He always took time to ensure everyone felt supported and safe.

I learnt so much on the course and have been able to take a step back from certain stressfull things and view them differently through mindfulness. I feel empowered by the course and by Leon’s inspirational teaching, warmth and compassion. I still have a long way to go, but I can continue to work at my Mindfulness practice safe in the knowledge that Leon is always there as backup and the Monday night Flying Geese drop-in sessions work as the perfect support system as well.

I would highly recommend the Heartmind course and Leon to anyone.