Nian3-734x1024Over the past two years we have found most people benefit enormously from doing our introductory Mindfulness & Compassion for Well-Being four session course in dealing with their reasons for coming to mindfulness practice. We recommend you read some of the wonderful testimonials here from people who have attended our introductory course. However, sometimes it might be necessary for a number of reasons to work outside of a group setting, and this is where one to one mindfulness sessions are a great way to focus on one's personal situation and training needs, whatever these may be. Whether it is to look more specifically at personal or spiritual development, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery or anger management, each one to one session will be tailored to your specific situation and requirements. One to one mindfulness meditation sessions are held at our base in Chesterfield.

One to One Session: £25

One to One Course: £200