Our organisation name is derived from both the wisdom of the Chinese concept of the Heart and the Buddhist term Bodhicitta. Both can be translated as heartmind, which in essence refers to an awakened state where peace and compassion are ever present as one’s natural state of being.

We decided to use it as an emblem for our endeavours out of deep respect for the Buddhist and Daoist traditions, both of whom share a wisdom and understanding of the term ‘heartmind’. Awakening the reality of the heartmind is central to all spiritual traditions, as it is the peaceful state of being from which compassion flows as a river of natural expression. In this sense, the heartmind is truly universal to all people of the world. Our ways of understanding and expressing this fundamental essence may be different according to the beliefs of our culture, but it is really beyond all these expressions and beliefs that we find the common heart of its spirituality and presence in our lives.

We directly experience the wisdom of the heartmind when we transform the physical, mental and emotional blocks that restrict the natural flow and realisation of our essential being. The aim of Heartmind as an organisation is to help promote the awakening of this universal state of peace through training in mindfulness meditation, yoga, qi gong and sustainable living.