Coming together, helping each other

One of the greatest social problems of our era is the fragmentation and alienation from one another as members of society, caused by the increasingly stressful pace and culture of modern living. Finding time to truly be with others, let alone with oneself, can be quite a challenge in our lives. Although it is important to foster a strength of character to face our aloneness in the world, it is also equally important to share spiritually with others. A lack of real spiritual connection in life can often leave a person feeling impoverished and isolated at a deep level of one's being and has been identified as a major health concern.

The essence of the Heartmind Sangha is to develop this sense of connection with others (to provide a means of social nourishment and support that enables us to know the real meaning of 'relationship' in our lives from a spiritual point of view) and to share a fundamental principle of life called 'The Way', drawing our inspiration about it from the spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Daoism, as well as other spiritual traditions and teachings of the world. As a sangha, we are not about following any fixed dogma or religion. Our common aspiration is merely to honour this principle of walking ’The Way' by awakening to the reality of Heartmind before our eyes. This is why we come together to meditate and practice.

Just as trees stand tall in their own individual majesty, so too they are all connected and grounded through their roots in the earth to one another. What appears as separate trees striving and competing for the light, is in fact a highly connected and collaborative system flowing with life’s energy. In trees growing closely together they are in fact helping one another to create the fertile ground out of which they all spring. This is a metaphor for the Heartmind Sangha, coming together to help each other.

The sangha is open to all with an interest in the aims of Heartmind in accord with our Equal Opportunities statement. Indeed, Heartmind intentionally draws upon a global tradition of mindfulness practices so as to be universal in its dharma context. It is through this focus that we hope to promote an understanding of the true meaning of peace, which is the very foundation of all spiritual traditions.

It is our belief that true peace is beyond all religious teachings, and that it is in the common ground of wisdom and compassion that we eventually find peace and meet each other in the true nature of our being. As a global community, if we are to find real peace in countries all over the world, we have to begin to embrace not only a celebration of religious diversity, but to develop the will to go beyond even our own beliefs and find a lasting peace in universal Dharma.

'We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples. My philosophy is kindness.' 

The Dalai Lama


Heartmind Sangha

a place to practice, to celebrate and to go beyond

Every Thursday

from 7-9pm

St.Leonard's Church, Spital, Chesterfield


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Rev. Hosshin Ananda