Heartmind is committed to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and harassment within its organisation and service delivery. It is the policy of Heartmind that there should be equality of opportunity for all regardless of gender, marital status, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, personal background, health status, sexual orientation, family responsibility, age and religious belief.

The promotion of equal opportunity will be actively pursued through procedures and practices which will ensure that individuals are not discriminated against and that they receive treatment which is fair, equitable and consistent. To this end, Heartmind will encourage all employees and ‘Friends of Heartmind’ to promote equal opportunities, and require them to respect this statement.

Heartmind believes that implementing this statement and equalising employment and ‘Friendship’ not only meets legal and social responsibilities, but also fosters a healthy, more productive atmosphere to improve the quality and effectiveness of our organisation and deeply embodies the spiritual understanding behind the name of our social enterprise.