Heartmind very much appreciates donations of any amount to support our not for profit activities in promoting mindfulness, meditation and other approaches to healthy, sustainable living.



You can make a donation in two ways:



If you wish to send a payment via Paypal, we are registered with them as a not for profit organisation and so they charge minimal fees for you to send money to us. We get all but 1% of what you send this way. You can send a payment via the Paypal website (www.paypal.com) using the email address: donate@heartmind.org.uk



If you prefer to send us a donation via Bank Transfer, then simply call your bank and make a BACS payment to the following: Co-operative Bank Sort Code: 089299 Acc No: 65636367 Company: Heartmind. Please ensure your name is put against the payment and email us when payment has been made, so we can confirm we have recieved it.


We would like to thank you very much for your support. It really makes a difference.